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My First Visit to Havana, Cuba in 2017

January, 25th, 2020

Colorful Havana, Cuba

First of all, I would like to begin by welcoming everyone to my official “First Blog” on my recently upgraded website. I hope that you enjoy my brief commentary on either upcoming, current or future photography expeditions that are worthy of sharing with you.

On January 30th, 2020, I am returning to beautiful and historic “Havana, Cuba” for a five-night journey and I am very excited.

I was last here in February, 2017 for a few days and this city is like a magnet that will attract you back time and again. As you can see from a few of my photographs posted alongside this blog, this city is filled with great atmosphere, vibe, color, architecture and so much more.

From the early morning sunrises along the Havana Harbour to the vibrant sunsets along the “Malecon” strip, there is so much for the eye and lense to see and capture.

The people here are so very friendly, and this city is safe to roam and explore the city.

Several of the highlights from this previous visit was heading to the “Havana Boxing Club” and also the evening show, “Cabaret Parisien” at the famous Hotel Nacional De Cuba. Both of these excursions filled my lense with vibrant colors and action that was a real treat for a photographer.

The food and restaurant experience in Havana was also very exciting and rewarding. Probably one of the biggest surprises for me was just how tasty and delicious the “Cuban Cuisine” is here in Havana.

I am looking forward to experiencing more of the Habanero culture and cuisine and just embrace this old city and all that it offers. I will likely share my photographs upon my return from Havana with a follow up blog from this upcoming journey.

Oh, and by the way, I am also ever so excited to return to Havana to enjoy a cigar or two and maybe even try a few night clubs to listen to some Cuban music in the local nightclubs...    Dave Demoe

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